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The best laid plans of mice and men…

July 11, 2010

I always find it really funny when people plan things out too meticulously. Like a good friend of mine has seen been facebook stalking this girl from in town before, and seems absolutely ENAMORED with her. The only thing is, she’s too afraid to speak to her. Being the kind, outgoing friend I am, I wanted to approach this lady and strike up some premium conversation. Unfortunately, she would have NONE of that.
In fact, I would have none of her having none of that, so I started to go, but she LITERALLY held me back. I found the whole thing very funny.
But then she told me her whole scheme to become friends with this girl, and it really bases everything off her bettering herself to initiate conversation. Now, I’m all for self-improvement, I think everyone can and should do it. The only thing is, it seems really rather odd that she put this girl so high up on a pedestal that she thinks the she has to make herself so much better just to TALK to her. I mean, she’s a fine young lady, pretty, funny, sure she has her odd points, but everyone does!
whatever. I’ll never understand some people.
Here’s to tomorrow


Is anyone else more than sick of LeBron James?

July 8, 2010

First off, the man’s a pansy. Let’s recall this year, during the playoffs, he had an elbow injury, and played through it. Good for him. It’s the post season, it’s expected.

The extent he played up the fact that he’s injured was annoying. As an obviously pro-LeBron sports blogger from Cleveland, Cory Felegy, even states it himself:

He shot his final free throw left-handed and missed.
Just moments before, James hit a free throw shooting right-handed to put the Cavs up by four.

The issue here is that he started backpedaling and showboating as he shot the lefty throw, and then threw a little-league move. As soon as he saw he messed up, he immediately grasped his elbow, to show the injury. A built-in excuse. Winners don’t make excuses. Winners don’t point to their injuries. You all know how I feel about Ian Laperriere and other hockey players. Good, tough, winners. I’ll remind you again of when Lappy took a puck to the face… for the second time, and returned to the game that night

Injuries are a part of professional sports, and the best will look through over them.
Another hockey player, Eric Belanger, got hit in the head with a stick so hard, it knocked off his helmet. What did he do? He skated to the bench, pulled out his own tooth and kept playing.

So when Lebron said that the people of Cleveland watched him grow from an “18 year old boy to a 25 year old man” he should rethink what makes a man. Flopping and diving do not. Mr. Felegy again stated that

James does have a history of taking hard fouls, reacting like he just had a root canal, and then standing up as if nothing happened.

Let’s also think of the whole free-agency thing. He’s caught so much attention for this, it’s nearly unbelievable.  Tonight,  a week after free-agency began, he decided to make his decision where to play.  Instead of signing, moving down to wherever he may go, and going on with his life, he schedules an hour-long special on ESPN to announce it. The desire for attention is just…baffling. I blame any of you who’ve allowed him to do this,who’ve followed him like Moses through the desert.

I would also like to add a few things to the end here:
Rest in Peace, Robert Probert (1965-2010) Bob was an enforecer in the NHL, and I didn’t like him very much when he played, as it was always for the rivals of my Blues. Just another example of a man losing a fight with himself (had a lot of cocaine and alcohol issues, although he’s been clean for a long enough time) and dying way too young.

and whoever searched “Hartford Whalers WHA” to find my blog: During their stint in the WHA, the Whalers were not a Hartford team. They were the New England Whalers and played in Boston

In Defense of “Dinosaurs” Originally posted 7/3/10 on St. Louis Game Time

July 3, 2010

There have been some theories that in order to win in today’s NHL, a team has to pack the lines with scoring forwards, and to hell with the defense.
The Washington Capitals have shown that this does not work, yet some are not convinced.
Read the original article (still written by me) on St. Louis Game Time

Defensive forwards have more than a place in this NHL, and really aren’t “dinosaurs”
Each of the Cup winners since the “New NHL” came into play after the lockout really haven’t had lines upon lines of forwards who can each score.


2006: Carolina Hurricanes
Led by two-time Selke winner Rod Brind’Amour and Doug Weight, who averaged just a hair above .2 goals a game over his entire career, and just 4 goals in his 23 games with Carolina. Sure, he was a fine playmaker, but I would say he made his mark in his own end, averaging at .6 assists a game.
Eric Cole was a strong scorer, but far from what I’d call an elite-level player.
Same with Ray Whitney.
The only truly offensive forward was Eric Staal, and he’s responsible in his own end as well.

It’d be nice to have a bunch of Eric Staals playing both ends of the ice, but I think there’s only one, and he’s playing in Carolina.

2007: Anaheim Ducks
A piece brought up before as a mark to the older NHL.
They had Teemu Selanne as their gifted forward, as Getzlaf, Perry, and the rest haven’t really come to their own as players. In fact, he was the only forward to score more than 30 goals (with 48 tallies)

So far I’m not seeing a team with a bunch of “speedy, buzzing, shooting forwards”

2008: (fuck)Detroit Red Wings
God damn. They had to win. Of course they did.
Well, they had Pavel Datsyuk, who while no one can deny his offensive flair, is a 3-time running defending Selke Winner
Also Dallas Drake, never a good offensive skater
Those scoring forwards? Henrik Zetterberg and Pavel Datsyuk, who is more recognized for play in his own end than offensive production.

With Babcock’s system, they were able to win with good, strong defense, IN SPITE OF Chris Osbad.

2009: Pittsburgh Penguins
Yea yea, Cindy Crosby and Evgeni Malkin.
Bill Guerin is often counted in, but if you look at his production, he’s going at a just under 1/3 of a goal per game, and nearly the same for assists.
Miroslav Satan turns it on and off, and in 08-09, he was off.
Petr Sykora was a good scorer, but again not an elite talent.

This was the most skilled forward set we’ve seen so far, and only really had 2, maybe 4 elite forwards at the time, not 3 lines of them

2010: Chicago Black Hawks
I might give Troy Brouwer a nod here, he’s going to be dangerous in years to come, just not this year
Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, of course. Patrick Sharp, Kris Versteeg
Marian Hossa was stong, but a lot of his goals came short-handed.

What it comes down to is that Chicago was really the only ream to pack it on with the “ideal” set of forwards.

I don’t think that the Flyers were a really good offensive team, but they were able to really rack them up against Chicago. I think that if the Hawks played a team with better goaltending and defense, then there would be a different set of names on the Cup

So 80% of the cup winners had more focus on defense than offense.

The dinosaurs aren’t dead just yet.

Been a while since I’ve posted on here

July 2, 2010

So I may as well get another one going
This was supposed to be daily, but as it turns out in the summer, my routine’s pretty normal. Wake up around noon or one, chill out around home, head out in the evening. Not all too exciting.
I looked at my stats lately, and my WHA post is STILL getting hits. It’s been one my most popular posts, aside from my home page, and one of the only ones that generates outside interest (hits from search engines and the like). Rather exciting.
I should really get to finishing my NHL post, but it takes SO much work

Here’s to tomorrow

Not really sure how to word it

June 27, 2010

I’ve not put a post on here because the three biggest things that’ve happened in my life of late have been my SAT scores, two of my good friends breaking up, and my dog dying.
I’ll start with the first. I got pretty decent scores (680 CR, 610 math), but where it “didn’t matter,” the writing, I sucked (550). My father was THRILLED with my scores, but I was really pissed at my writing. During all my practice tests, I scored the highest, normally above 700, in writing.
The big picture here ain’t the score, it’s the fact that I actually realize I’m doing it for myself. All throughout school I thought I was just getting grades for my father, because I’d rather just skirt off to MCC once it really counts. This showed me that I was a little more self-motivated than I had thought. It’s a nice feeling to realize that you’re doing something for no one other than yourself.

We had to put my dog down yesterday, and that’s a sad event. The thing about death is, though, is that it’s never really scared me. I mean, it’s there, it’s part of life. This deserves its own post, however, so I’ll save it for then.

Here’s to tomorrow!

St. Louis, day four

June 24, 2010

Well, after another team workout, I went back to my hotel for a few hours. THAT was fun.
But I ended up walking down to the big Italian part of town and got lunch at some little, family owned restaurant. It was SO good. Unfortunately, it was nearly 100 degrees out, and this place had no air conditioning. It added to the atmosphere? no. screw that. it was HOT

I also hung out with some friends today. Some havent changed, while others seem like whole new people. Overall, it was really good to catch up with all of them.
After the lunch, I had supper at a friends, and then ate an entire pizza…then I had some frozen custard… I’m a big ol’ fatty! YUM!

I’m leaving for home tomorrow. I’ll get in at about 3am.
Here’s to tomorrow!

St. Louis, days two and three

June 22, 2010

Not enough happened yesterday to garner a full post, so I’m combining these two.

Went on my visit, and I really like the campus. While there are only like seven buildings total, they’re all very nice. VERY nice. All masonry, have that real old look to them, and inside? WOOH boy.Their theater looks like a professional one, and they have a professional troupe that stays with them! This college is only 3,000 students!
I was invited to a workout with the volleyball team, and I was up top as far as players go, which is a nice feeling.

I’ve realized something about St. Louis. I feel at home here. Back in Rochester, I’ve never really felt that way. I mean, I dont feel out of place, I feel like it’s my city, but I dont feel like it’s my home.
Here’s to tomorrow