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Running…. running…. running…

August 23, 2010

Brian Sutter believed that hard work was a skill, just as passing, scoring, speed and the like. I would be honored to say that this man has influenced me greatly.

He did, as well as the rest of his family, and the Plager brothers

You see, in every sport I’ve ever played, I’ve never been good enough to be the flash-bang superstar. I wouldn’t say I’ve never been a skilled player” because hard work is a skill, but I’ve never been a superstar.
I’ve been described by most everyone on any team I’ve ever played for as the “hardest worker”
Normally I LOVE that reputation. I love being the guy that no one has to question if I ever take a play off. Being that guy that the team can count on to give my all. The only issue is when it comes to days I really don’t want to work!

For my top skill, I’ve been named captain of a good amount of the teams I’ve been on. If I lose that skill, my chances of captaincy and even a starting job could fall right from under me.
Today we had our first hard conditioning practice for volleyball, and needless to say, four hours of running and body-resistance exercises take a lot out of you. So when everyone else is tapering off and slacking a little, if I wanted to, it’d be noticed (at least in my head).
And I cant have anyone thinking my top skill is starting to slip.

Here’s to tomorrow

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