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An Honorable Fight

August 14, 2010

Now, it may be the romantic in me, but I find there to be something honorable in combat.

yea. Romance right here

Allow me to explain:
In single combat. It is one against one’s opponent. Strategy, strength, technique, agility, grit, respect. All the elements of worth are visible in a good scrap.
There are lessons to be learned in a fight, as well: never lose focus from the task at hand, sometimes you have to outlast, not overpower, your side may not be the correct one, but you must stand by it.
You can always see who really cares about you by who is willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with you on your side when things turn bad, instead of slink away, or even who is willing to fight against you. Those of you who know what I’m talking about, know. Those of you who do not need to experience it, or you would never believe it, but you never feel closer to someone you know than after a scrap.

There is also an honor in losing. The most important thing about fighting, as mentioned above, is the willingness to go. The readiness to take a beating for what you believe in, or defending those around you.

Maybe there’s a need for more people willing to stand up for what they believe. Whether it be common consensus or not. One strong man makes up for loads of weak

Here’s to tomorrow

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