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Unexpected things

July 23, 2010

Well, I was at a party tonight, and I had a blast. While I won’t go into terrific detail, I saw this guy there for the second time, and he’s real chill.
As it turns out, we had a 15 minute conversation on independent clauses.
Yes, we’re that cool.

And a shoutout to my good friend, Andrew, over at Anyone Listening. You should get this trackback, so you’ll know I’m writing this. First of all: Finish your story. It’s been two weeks, I want to know what happens, merman or no merman!
Also. That little project you propositioned me with. Are we gonna get on that? I’d really like to. If you want a sample of my writing, look at my “Best Of” Section.

I’d like to note that my WHA Uniform post it STILL getting hits, which is astounding. It’s been over a month, and almost generates more traffic alone than the rest of my blog. Hockey fans are a funny bunch, but we’re funny together.
Here’s to tomorrow!

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