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Hockey with Sunburn’s no Fun

July 18, 2010

Well, for those of you who don’t know, I’m in Jersey this weekend, for a couple of really cool hockey events. One is the MeiGray expo, which is a really big game-worn jersey deal. Seeing others collections (including some WHA sweaters. I really enjoyed that) and just talking hockey with a big group of people. Lots of fun.
Also fun? Playing hockey. I was in a little thing where you go as an individual, submit your position, and they separate you on teams. No tryouts, no preferential treatment, just all around good time.
Now, as I said: I was in Jersey. Jersey gets a bad wrap, but it IS indeed full of those giant, stereotypical meatheads. Those of you who know me know that I’m a fairly powerful guy, but I really don’t show it. I’m skinny as a rail, it seems that I would be weak. The disappointment the team I was put on got when they saw me, and I told them I wasnt a puck-moving type guy was terrible. My first shift out, however, I shut down the other team’s top line handily. Made a nice little name for myself.
I blocked a bunch of shots and protected my end nicely. I didn’t want any power-play time, but I went in on the PK. We ended up getting knocked out eventually. The issue with random teams is there always seems to be one stacked one. And they handled everyone.
Not so much fun? Having a sunburn before you play, or having one period. This was a BAD one (blame the Irish blood) and it hurt to even wear my shirt. The only way I survived was simple: hour before gearing up, I took two ibuprofen (400 mg total). Then I rubbed some hotel lotion on it (and that felt REAL nice). Right before gearing up, I showered myself in Solarcaine and took two more ibuprofen (making it a total of 800 mg). I didn’t feel lit at all for the first period, and it wasnt too bad after that. Before every game, it was another Solarcaine shower and one ibuprofen.
Overall, it was a raucously fun
Here’s to tomorrow

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