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The best laid plans of mice and men…

July 11, 2010

I always find it really funny when people plan things out too meticulously. Like a good friend of mine has seen been facebook stalking this girl from in town before, and seems absolutely ENAMORED with her. The only thing is, she’s too afraid to speak to her. Being the kind, outgoing friend I am, I wanted to approach this lady and strike up some premium conversation. Unfortunately, she would have NONE of that.
In fact, I would have none of her having none of that, so I started to go, but she LITERALLY held me back. I found the whole thing very funny.
But then she told me her whole scheme to become friends with this girl, and it really bases everything off her bettering herself to initiate conversation. Now, I’m all for self-improvement, I think everyone can and should do it. The only thing is, it seems really rather odd that she put this girl so high up on a pedestal that she thinks the she has to make herself so much better just to TALK to her. I mean, she’s a fine young lady, pretty, funny, sure she has her odd points, but everyone does!
whatever. I’ll never understand some people.
Here’s to tomorrow

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