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Not really sure how to word it

June 27, 2010

I’ve not put a post on here because the three biggest things that’ve happened in my life of late have been my SAT scores, two of my good friends breaking up, and my dog dying.
I’ll start with the first. I got pretty decent scores (680 CR, 610 math), but where it “didn’t matter,” the writing, I sucked (550). My father was THRILLED with my scores, but I was really pissed at my writing. During all my practice tests, I scored the highest, normally above 700, in writing.
The big picture here ain’t the score, it’s the fact that I actually realize I’m doing it for myself. All throughout school I thought I was just getting grades for my father, because I’d rather just skirt off to MCC once it really counts. This showed me that I was a little more self-motivated than I had thought. It’s a nice feeling to realize that you’re doing something for no one other than yourself.

We had to put my dog down yesterday, and that’s a sad event. The thing about death is, though, is that it’s never really scared me. I mean, it’s there, it’s part of life. This deserves its own post, however, so I’ll save it for then.

Here’s to tomorrow!

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