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St. Louis, day one

June 20, 2010

Well, I survived the 13 hour ride down.
On my way, I remembered a few things

1) I fell really relaxed in cars. I fell asleep really rather quickly, although I woke myself up to keep my father company on the drive. it could be because a) I find the gentle motion of cars really nice (I would fall asleep on the way to practice quite often) or b) I COULD be narcoleptic, only not really. I just LOVE to sleep. I’ve fallen asleep in my kitchen chair while doing homework (it was before supper, even!), on my roof, out in my front lawn, at the canal, basically anywhere I have time to relax, I’ll sleep.

2) Rochester barbecue SUCKS. I went to my favorite place first stop (Bandana’s) and it was WONDERFUL. It made Dinosaur or Sticky Lips taste like Kraft made it.

3) It’s hot and humid in St. Louis, and I love that. I’ve always liked the heat, and it’s way more still than Rochester, with their winds whipping around all the time

Here’s to tomorrow!

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