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Books on computer seem so…wrong

June 13, 2010

Terribly sorry for the delay. I’ll be getting that to you as soon as possible.
Until then, I really should go back to blogging as usual. I’m sitting here watching a show on prison… and that SUCKS. I mean, it seems pretty hardcore.
Also, I just found out about Wikisource, and I want to know why I didn’t earlier. It has most of my favorite authors (Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Turgnev, Tolstoy) and I’m sure more that I’ve yet to find out about. If you couldn’t tell, I REALLY like pre-soviet Russian literature. I think it could be the constant struggle of people who seem to have it all, or it could be because I really like the luxury described in the noble country manor houses that most of the protagonists live in. Sounds lovely, yes? I really wish I could experience that.

Back on track, as much as I love having all that at my fingertips, I don’t like reading on a computer screen. I could never hand a Kindle or iPad because of that. I love to read, and I love that feeling of paper on my fingers. I find it so much more difficult to read when it’s lit up like this. I’m SURE I’m not alone in this opinion.

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