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Top five WHA sweaters of all time

June 2, 2010

This was an incredibly tough list to make. Although the WHA never had thirty teams to choose from, and it was only around for seven years, each team’s uniforms were such classic sweaters, every single one seemed to look incredible, far greater than anything the NHL has today. Sure, there were a few… less desirable ones
What a color combination!
but, for the most part, each jersey had a classic, timeless look to it, and a (normally) fine color scheme.

5.  Original Alberta Oilers uniform-
Look at the nameplate

For those of you familiar with the game of hockey, you may recognize the crest and the nickname of the club as today’s Edmonton Oilers. Edmonton was one of the four WHA teams (the others: “New England” (Hartford) Whalers, Winnipeg Jets, and the Quebec Nordiques) to merge to the NHL in 1979. Ironically, the Oilers were the only of these teams to never win a WHA championship, but ended up winning five Stanley Cups over the next twelve years.
The Oilers are also the last WHA team to survive. All the teams, save for these four, folded in 1979. Then Quebec moved to Denver to become the Colorado Avalanche in 1995, The Jets moving to Phoenix to become the Coyotes in 1996, and The Whalers to Raleigh, North Carolina to be the Carolina Hurricanes in ’97.
What I like about these sweaters is the use of orange and blue, which normally one would not associate with a good color combination, made to work. Also note the nameplates. Where more every team had the players last names, they Oilers kept “Alberta” there, showing that a team-first mentality was more important than any superstar status.
The Oilers later changed their crests to an orange

And the home sets didn't even have the blue

4. New York Golden Blades
sorry for the low-res
Although only around for one year, and moving to Jersey to become the Knights halfway through its only season, these are just…sharp. You can’t really tell from the image, but the colors are a rich, royal blue on a yellow. that's better

The only thing holding this one back is the sun rays surrounding the crest. Seems kind of cheesy to me.

3. New England Whalers

First off, you have to listen to Brass Bonanza while reading this section.

This is the Whaler’s theme song. Don’t deny, it’s catchy.

now then, the uniform.

Ain't it pretty?

Look at that. Green and yellow are a fine combination, and this is just so classic. The triple stripe on the sleeves makes this sweater. The away jersey’s pretty good, too.


This example is from a later year, sure, but it’s just as nice. The sweater itself is a little less flashy, and the crest is a bit more simple and classy.

2. Early Cleveland Crusaders
pretty, pretty purple

You can’t tell from the image, but the shoulder yokes on the darks are absolutely incredible.. The subdued purple on the black is a very classy look, and all the stripes are very “hockey.” Although the crest looks somewhat like a high school team’s, the sweaters are still incredibly sharp.

1. Late Houston Aeros
Look at that mesh
The mesh on the jersey looks almost like it belongs on a football uniform, but that’s how sweaters used to be. The colors are so nice on here, and the lack of a crest keeps the look original and timeless.

thank God they left it off

The stripes on the sleeves are so nice, as are the ones on the bottom.


A later version,  is made from the thicker, heavier material, and has the reinforced elbows, as you can see. The nicest things stuck around, thankfully.

Though difficult, this post was one of the most fun I’ve had the pleasure of writing. If you have any interest in the WHA uniforms, here’s a database website.

Looking forward to the top NHL uniforms!

Here’s to tomorrow.

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