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It’s kinda a big deal

May 25, 2010

Today was a very important day for me: the first day of the year I would consider “hot.” Don’t get me warm, some days are indeed warm, some less so, but today was the first day I really thought it was hot, and that means one thing.
Wardrobe shift day.
You saying that’s not the same for all of you? Well, maybe you dont have a set date, but some of us do. Today I cleaned out my closet and dresser, did every stitch of laundry, and began sorting. I boxed up my casual clothes in the autumn and winter colors, my tighter jeans, and brought out my spring/summer clothes, so watch for me to be wearing brighter colors, more khakis, and so forth!
I did keep out SOME of my more warm clothes, but just some turtlenecks and mocks to wear under jackets. It’s very necessary.
But really this day represents a few things to me: first of all, it’s time to grow up a little. Put away my childish thoughts and issues from my past and focus on the future.
Also that all things have a time, and some things have all times, but all things do not have all times. I have to choose my spots a bit more carefully.
And also: freedom, summer, warm weather, and a happy Cory are all just right around the corner! Thank the Lord for that!

Here’s to tomorrow!

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