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The day of three mini-posts

May 23, 2010

Over the weekend, I never really had anything worth taking an entire post over, but I may as well string them together to make one average sized one, eh?

Hickey Freeman had an outlet sale this weekend, and I went to check out some wares. I got a few nice shirts, but that’s it. Everything else was either going to break my bank or was just… not nice. I’m deciding when to break them out of my wardrobe.
I just played my last travel tournament of the season, and we lost everything… again. We didn’t make the post season, so now we’re just practice players. It’s cool, though, and I was named captain today, an honor I thought I deserved all season, but was finally awarded. It means a little extra to take the captaincy from the coaches son. I’ll have another post on this later.

And There are some songs I swear make me gay. “Moondance” is one of them. I seriously want to (and sometimes do…) do some fruity little West Side Story-esque spins and twirls on the beat. Yea, I’m that cool.

…a fantabulous night to make romance/’Neath the Cover of October skies

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