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Good, better, worst

May 16, 2010

Well, the only thing that’s happened in my life of late is prom
and no one wants to hear about nice prom, but I dont very much care
I had a WONDERFUL prom. Lucy was gorgeous, I wore my outfit well, even though I wore a pink tie, it was a Countess Mara. Very nice.
The positives:
~~I had a great time
~~My parents got along with Lucy’s mom well, and mentioned how much they like Lucy
~~Apparently, the parents I knew at the big get together/photo session had nothing but nice things to say about me (sometimes TO Lucy’s mom! I’m assuming she has a good opinion of me by now, which is great)
~~I spent a great evening with a good group of friends
~~I got to wear the item in my closet that gets worn the least: My tuxedo. Close on the list would be my green jacket, and my Hawai’ian shirt
~~I went swimming at one am.

Some negatives?

~~I spent a WHOLE mess of money
~~I broke one of my silver and jet cufflinks.
//that being said, I might need to sell my tux to get enough money to repair it.
~~it had to end

What could go both ways is that I stayed dry the entire night. Not in the literal sense (as I went swimming) but the sobriety. Hmm.. that’s a good idea for a post, views on drugs and alcohol. Some other time, though!

Overall? Started great, got better and better until it had a rough ending, but I’d say if I could do it over again, I would a million times over!
Here’s to tomorrow

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