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Say yes to one and let the other one ride

May 11, 2010

See, I could just say EXACTLY what’s on my mind, but reading a string of expletives wouldn’t be a very entertaining read, now would it?
I could also write a more PG version of what’s on my head, but I need to use some tact here.
Which brings me to a new topic, actually. Tact, the usage, and the morals of such.
I’ve always prided myself on being one to charge into a problem, head on. But I’ve always had this gift for guile. I don’t like it. So I try to be as honest as often as possible, even though quite often it ends up biting me RIGHT in the ass. The parties I haven’t been able to get to, the opportunities I’ve missed out on. Countless.
That being said, I still have broken that a time or two. shhhh

Choices have to be made. And not easy ones. It’s lose-lose-lose. All three choices have very serious positives, all three have terrible negatives. I don’t want to deal with them now, so I’ll wait until tomorrow.

And here’s to that

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