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No standard measurement of joy

May 10, 2010

The Qin philosopher Chuang Tse did not know if he’s a man who once dreamed of being a butterfly, or if he is just a butterfly, dreaming of being a man.
Now, that there’s some powerful stuff. I normally don’t prescribe to eastern thought, but this makes a whole mess of sense. It brings me to think about if anything we do i actually just an illusion.
This falls in very well with my whole issues with routine. Why go through it? If the point of waking up is to go to school. What’s the point of school? To get to college. and the point of college? Do what you want to do in terms of work, and only if you’re lucky. I don’t see it, I just don’t.
In my opinion, he ends to the means, if I can deviate to Machiavelli a little, is to be happy. There’s no definition of that, no standard measurement of joy. You all’ve had that feeling, I’m sure, where you’re just unhappy. Over nothing in particular, just not in a state of enjoying life
But is being this happy, you know, an illusion? Are we just butterflies pretending to be people? Are we just miserable pretending to be happy?
I don’t think I am. I actually think I’m very satisfied with life, and if I’m not, well I’m not gonna try to prove myself wrong. I’m loving this “illusion”
Here’s to tomorrow

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