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It’s funny how…

May 5, 2010

It’s funny how music can change your mood… or magnify it.
It’s funny how you see certain people differently.
It’s funny how one little thing can make a HUGE difference.
It’s funny how a good deal of things are completely situational.
It’s funny how you trust a lot of people you shouldn’t.
It’s funny how you don’t trust some people you should.
It’s funny how your image of yourself can be so different than others see you.
It’s funny how your image of people can change in a heartbeat.
It’s funny how things never live up to the hype.
It’s funny how things can totally surprise you… in a good way.
It’s funny how you can change.
It’s funny how things aren’t okay for others to do…but alright if you did it ONCE
It’s funny how what you want to do, think you’re gonna do, should do, actually do, and could do seem to be different so often.
It’s funny how I can’t think of the thousands of funny things right now.

Here’s to tomorrow

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