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Chasing your dreams

May 4, 2010

I recently told someone very close to me that they have to chase their dreams. I also mentioned it in a post a few days ago. Today, I thought a little about my dreams.
First of all, why DOESN’T everyone follow his or her dreams? I mean, why not reach as far as you go. They say your reach should never exceed your grasp, that your aspirations shouldn’t be all too lofty. Why? Reach as far as you can. if you keep your dreams to a point where you can BARELY get to them, if at all, then once you set your heart on it and get to them, and I did mean once, then it would be that much better.
Now, I just have to practice what I preach, eh?
I want to teach English. I just don’t know where. I mean, I don’t think I want to stay in town here, it’s so elitist and uppity. I want to go someplace a little more… laid back.
But I don’t know if that’s necessarily my DREAM, you know? That’s just kind of the path I’m going down. Wandering, even. I mean, graduate with a major in Secondary Education or English, get my certification in that, certify for a few other subjects, and then coach, big deal.
Bu t I’ve always wanted to tend bar, I think that’d be fun. In fact, I’ll probably do that as a moonlighting job until I can pay off my student loans.
But my REAL dream for the last few years would be to open a Cabaret bar/ club downtown somewhere. Wouldn’t that be a good time? Think about getting all gussied up, heading into town, and having a martini while listening to some powerful voices to a brass band or piano, or seeing some variety show, or something.
Once a month there could be some kind of “teen night” or something. Maybe a Karaoke night once a week, something to add some kind of novel.

Here’s to tomorrow.

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