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Why does soap smell so good but taste so terrible?

May 2, 2010

… I totally didn’t just ask that or anything.
Today I had that whole volleyball tournament, and I probably had a career day. Blocks, kills, and digs out of nowhere. I straight did a split and got the ball up into the air with my foot. I felt like SUCH a pro.

I actually “saved the team’s ass” a few times, but I dont like to think that. I just hustled and didnt give up on the ball. That’s an expectation of myself, not something exciting.
I also have a lot of new scrapes and (possibly) scars. My hips and knees are torn up more than normal, I drew blood more than once, and who said volleyball is a sissy sport? I also played defense without a block and stood against the other team’s main attacker-it bounced straight off my face, but I shook it off and kept playing. I’m actually getting the reputation in western new york as being a “warrior” a “scrapper” and a “spartan”… no joke. and I love that!

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