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Blast from the past!

April 26, 2010
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Well, I have nothing of interest to tell you today! So I’ll tell one of my favorite stories from days long gone.
The time was summer of ’07, between my 8th grade and Freshman years. Days before Nay Myo discovered the wonders of weed and skateboarding, and when Jordan (God rest his soul) still graced the world with his presence. Miss ya, bud. Hope you’re keeping it chill for us up there.
I called the marketplace mall my home that evening.
This is copy and pasted from when I wrote it back day-of. Hope you like it.

“i was at the mall with those three[nay myo, dan doungradty, and jordan], and we went to zumiez, nay myo needed something or what ever, so a store clerk went up to Dan (who was wearing his Brighton baseball jacket/hat) and was all like “are you guys from brighton? I just graduated from there.” so dan said “yea” and then something about baseball so then she said something an we went on with our day. next we went to the dollar store( because we’re so cool) and i bought a seriously pimpin’ cane, for a dollar [it was wood with flame paint and a dragon’s head for a handle. the eyes were marbles. I still think of how sweet that cane was to this day!]. I asked every decent girl [girls who I thought were attractive] i saw what she thought about my cane, the results were about 12 to 5 for liking it. i soon bought an airforce hat from lids, because i needed a new one [I used to dream of being a fighter pilot. Those dreams died with my eyesights =\ ]. i tried to sell my cane to a group of black people, who stole it from me [when I say stole it, I mean STOLE it. Grabbed it by the end and ran off with it, pulling me with them for a while! Nay Myo and I chased after them, but to no avail]. i then, for no reason, went back to zumiez and talked to the girl. i told her my story, then asked for her name. she said Brenna. when i asked for her number, she gave it to me “for asking so nicely” when i called the other day, no pickup. that was a supremely kickass time”

As it turns out, I called again (at 2am, by Nay Myo’s suggestion) and no answer. So I let it die. until one day, a buddy of mine wanted me to try again, so I went ahead… and it was the store’s number! hooo boy that was funny!

Here’s to tomorrow (when I’ll maybe have a real post!)

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