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Boy this post is gonna make me sound bigoted.

April 25, 2010

All that’s been on my mind for the last few days has been fishing and hockey. The playoffs are in full swing, and although my Bluenotes aren’t in it this year (again), there’s still plenty of drama, excitement, David facing off against Goliath, and the “good” versus the “bad” teams.
The David team is probably the Phoenix Coyotes. They were bankrupt at the start of the season, and are playing against the (fuck)detroit Red Wings, who’ve made the playoffs every year I’ve been alive, I do think. They’re also the manifestation of evil on ice. And they’re a bunch of softie Swede cheaters. that is all
A “bad” team would be the Washington Capitals. A bunch of dirt Russians who dont play defense, but BOY can they score. That being said, they still play dirty.
Or, of course, the Vancouver Canucks. not only are they from Vancouver, but they have a super greasy goaltender, who lead the Canadian team over us in the Olympics, but also having some really creepy soft swedeish twins. They’re REMARKABLE players, but they’re still creepy. and they have Rick Rypen… the dirtiest player in the league, if you as me. Sure they have Ryan Kessler, who I REALLY like, but not while he’s on Vancouver.

My adopted playoff teams this year would be The Montreal Canadiens, I like the team, they have a great history, and they have a few players I really like: Michael Cammaleri, and Brian Gionta. Mike because he’s the best Jewish player to ever play in the NHL (Besides Erik “Knuckles” Nystrom, but he wasnt as skilled as Mike) and Gionta because he’s from right across town: Greece, NY.
I would also pick the the LA Kings (because I like Jack Johnson [the player, not the singer], Dustin Brown, and Wayne Simmonds [who is the best black player I’ve ever seen, not counting Iginla, but he’s half-white], because they’re all really young, and because Jon Quick (their goalie) has the sweetest mask ever. Quick's Helmet... yes, it IS a knight's helmet. Be jealous

And fishing is self-explanatory. I want to get out there. now. but I cant ’til May.

Here’s to tomorrow, and the next day… and every day until April is O-V-E-R

UPDATE: Vancouver beat LA… damn

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