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Just someplace to hang your hat

April 21, 2010

Well, got home from a few college visits in Western Pennsylvania.  They were fun, and while none of them offer volleyball, they all seemed like nice colleges; some more so than others.

It actually got me thinking about stereotypes. What a segway, eh? I thought about the “token” members of each groups.  There’s always the smart guy, the dumb, gullible one, the daring one, the black, the redneck, and so forth. Each member of a group seems to have a dynamic.  But if you throw that one member into a set of their own, it would be tough on them.

The token black, while being very…well, black to his own group, would be considered pretty tame if thrown into the ghetto.

To one group of my friends, I’m the token redneck. Don’t ask me why, but when I came down this weekend, I saw some very blue-collar areas. The diner outside of one of the colleges was the ONLY diner in town. For breakfast, I ate some sausages and eggs. The eggs were made from real chickens. The sausage was made from Jimmy Dean. or not. it was probably generic. Regardless, this was a diner that sold microwave sausages and frozen waffles. Holy Jumpin’!

That and the fact that I saw a sign for a semi-annual “gun bash” at the local fire department. I’ve always been a strong supporter of  free arms, but flaunting it like that seems so foreign to me. I didnt like it.

Back to the point, the token redneck of myself would be considered such a city-boy to the REAL ones.

Dont be thinking someone’s the way you see them just because they’re slightly less of  the same as everyone else

Here’s to tomorrow

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