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another post today?

April 21, 2010

Yep. and on the same topic, too.

Friends. Something that has always perplexed me. Different groups of my friends consider me to follow different personalities. I stay the same Cory every time, but they see me differently

For example:

Redneck: as I mentioned last post, some of my buddies see me as a redneck. I’m not sure why. It could be the fact that I hail from Missouri. It could be that I have something called “morals” or a “work ethic.” People love the whole “Southern gentleman” thing I give off (manners), but not the way I use “ain’t” a ton

Gay/Feminine: Some of my friends see me as such. I’m not sure why. Some of the one who see me as the redneck ALSO see me as this. That blows my mind. I think it all stems from the fact that I like clothing and think of both sides of an argument, not just push pig-headed in, you know, act “sensitive”

Gentleman: Yea, this is one I like. I can see where it comes from, too. Manners and etiquette. this is one of the few that carries over group to group, which makes this next one  a little odd:

Douche: Yep. that’s right. When I hang around with some of my meeker friends, they consider me to act douchey because I’m not as quiet, meek, and so on as they. I still keep my manners, but they see me as this.

Extra Manly: Because I’m prideful and will not back down to failure, because I like working with my hands, and I don’t know the rest of their reasons, but some of my friends consider me rather manly. and I love that.

no matte what you do, people will see and judge you as they will. Just live how you want to; it wont matter what they see or think!

Now, HERE’S to tomorrow!

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