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No good deed goes unpunished

April 12, 2010

Well, I had  fun weekend. a pretty fun one, at least. Save for being grounded and such. But Let’s forget about that one!

You already know some of the stuff that happened this weekend, and sunday was no less eventful. At work, I got in a fair deal of trouble. oops!

I was working the cafe stand,  and some black woman was so ornery and pissy I felt like hopping the counter and choking her. Next up was a small family who ordered a few drinks, but then the fountain messed up. They were so nice and patient that after waiting over half an hour waiting for some cokes, I went over and said “thanks for being so good bout this. If you don’t tell my manager I’m doing this, I’m gonna go ahead and cut the ice cream off your order.”  Guess what they did at checkoutttttt.  YEP! about twenty minutes after the ordeal, my manager came into the cafe and asked who did that. Of course I owned up right quick. No good came out of it, as you would guess.

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