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And a very happy Easter to you!

April 4, 2010

So, Easter ain’t all that exciting when you’re a jew. Instead of egg hunts, getting a nice dinner, and eating cadbury eggs and stale marshmallow peeps (also, thank you mallow cups for teaching me how to spell marshmallow. I always thought it was “marshmEllo”) I got to rake my lawn, do homework, and go over to my grandparents for a very late passover dinner.

Now, I love my grandmother. sweet lady, there for me, all that jazz. But she’s a TERRIBLE cook, and if you didn’t know this already, Passover is the Jewish holiday of weight loss, because of the voluntary fasting. Not so much a commandment, that’d be Yom Kippur and possible other holidays, Im not the one to ask,  but the food  you should eat to keep passover is so bad you’d rather go hungry. That’s why the longest I kept passover was the time I was sleeping. So before breakfast on the first day. ANYWAY. MY grandmother’s cooking is dry as all Hell before you take away all of the good food. Indigestion is even less fun when you don’t have anything to say “oooo that was SO worth it.” Because your favorite part of the meal was getting the hell out of there. THAT was delicious though! I want seconds of leaving!

So, when am I going to get to sleep tonight? between the belly aching (actual) and the belly aching (over my homework that HAS to be done by tomorrow morning) I’d say…. never. But probably not. I like sleep. A lot

Moral? Um. Even though it’s poite, don’t always ask for seconds, and if you do, make sure you have pepto in your house beforehand. Also: being a jew sucks.

Here’s to tomorrow, because it certainly ain’t today!

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