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Living up to expectations

April 3, 2010

there are some things that are just terrible

Greed, war, murder, rape, and going past (or not meeting) your expectations.

Wait, that doesn’t belong there, Cory!

yes, yes it does. Allow me to explain: Living up to your expectations is a funny thing. Either you do it and it’s great, or you miss it by the smallest of margins, and it’s a travesty.  It’s no good.

The problem with going past your expectations is the fact that they rise to the point that they should grow, but instead of where they should be, you add the success you had before. That’s where one of my problems lie. I worry about that, so I don’t often give everything 100%. I will during hockey, volleyball, and such, but when it comes to working, schooling, or somehting that I can’t be caught throwing it in, I’ll catch myself doing that. So basically I have to stop. I’ve been on that lately, which is why I’m surpassing my expectations in everything this year: I’ve set the bar low, and, pardon the french, but that’s a hore-shit move on my part. if you’ve ever been low-balled by me, I’m really sorry.

That being said, there is nothing better than having high expectations, whether for yourself, a sports team, another person, or an event, and it meets those. It’s wonderful.  Spring has sprung *knock on wood* and I was finally able to take a nice picnic with Lucy. And  let’s just say it was great. It started with her getting less afraid of my father (she’s gonna KILL me for posting this.  worth itttt), then I was right about travel time (oh yeaaa) and the bulk of the event was spectacular, too.

anyway, moral time?

Don’t just live up to your expectations, pass them. and the new, too high expectations? pass them too. Pass everything so that you’re better than you ever thought you can be. Fear of failure is just as silly as fear of clowns. You can never take a chance to better anything if you’re worried things are gonna get worse than they were before.

The devil you know is NOT better than the one you don’t. I heard an old maxim somewhere, but who it was escapes me right now. Take risks: if they pay off, you’re happy. If they don’t, you’re wiser.

Here’s to tomorrow, and, hey, what the hell, here’s to today as well

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