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A wee bit more serious note

March 31, 2010
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Well, Wednesdays were supposed to be for women anyway, so away we goooo:

Lucy found out about this,  and it made me realize something:  how can I expect her to open up to and confide in me, like I ask her to, but not even tell her little things? It’s not fair to her. So, here I am, thinking about what I can do to make myself more comfortable with sharing what’s on my mind.

If we’re dating we should be able to tell eachother things that we wouldn’t tell others, and I haven’t been able to keep up my end of that.

You can’t ever ask someone to do something that you, yourself, would be afraid to do.  If you want something done, you best be willing to do it yourself, too!

I’ll try that, and here’s to tomorrow!

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