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Saturday…more like FATurday, amirite? (no, I am not. That’s usually the case)

March 28, 2010

And what timing! My club volleyball team has regionals tomorrow, and boy are we going to get shellacked.  We’re just no good. We fight hard and play scrappy; we just don’t have the abilities of other teams.

I’ll fill you in, imaginary reader, of how we do.

Ok: I’m madly in love with the St. Louis Blues, and hockey in general. Although I no longer play, I still find time to watch, or teach some friends how to skate and such. My Blues suck something fierce, so I’m not gonna talk about them. assholes.

I was hoping to get to enter a roller hockey league with a few of my buddies this coming summer, but with prom just a stone’s throw away, and me having all of $35 saved up, I don’t quite have the money for it.

GAHHH I’m looking forward to prom. It’s all so… fun. if it wasn’t for the drama. My group is terribly large and over dramatic. we have 22 people. TWENTY-FREAKIN’-TWO! And it’s merged groups. You never mix groups. Ever. And one person was excluded, who doesn’t have friends outside his group. and he’s really hurt. and now he doesn’t even want to go. I tired to get him in, but it didn’t work out. Sucks for him.

And basically, this shit is expensive. Plus the fact that my girl is just going dress shopping for the first time tomorrow. I need to know at least what color she’s going in. Hopefully I have the right tie, and if I don’t, I’ll have to buy one AND a new square (the positive? I get to buy a new tie and pocket square =]  )

And it might be considered faturday because I woke up, cleaned, took a nap, went to rubinos (an Italian grocers), took another nap, did my work, took ANOTHER nap. Then went out to a friends, all this without taking off my jammies. It’s a very good day.

Here’s to tomorrow!
PS. that’s a good ending. shouldn’t every day to be tomorrow?

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