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Welcome back!

March 26, 2010

Well howdy, sportfans!

first new post since the start, and aint it a coinkidink that Im picking up right after I left off? thursday!

Today at volleyball practice, there was a pretty heated discussion over health reform.  I sided against it, because I think it’s a travesty.

anyway, someone on my side was like “so you’re a republican!you like your money.”

but I had to reply with “first off, I’d need to have money to like it, haha! and no, I wouldn’t call myself a republican.”

so what DO I call myself?

Well, I draw most of my ideology from Deontologist teachings of Kant and the free will doctrines of Pelagius. So basically I believe that each person has the right to do as they please, as long as they don’t infringe on others.

And that doing an act of good in an evil way is still evil. Health reform: Good deed. Helping those who do  not help themselves.  But it’s achieved in a bad manner: stealing from those who DO help themselves.  If you want to help the poor, YOU help the poor.  I volunteer my time, I’m sure people out there do a whole mess more. But if someone doesn’t want to, it’s his or her choice to not help. Rightfully so

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