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I must be CRAZY

September 24, 2009

Ugg time for me to bitch a little! woo!

Ok, so I quit women coming out of my last relationship, and it really worked for a little while, didnt develop any feelings, no crushes, nothng. Until this summer, at a freinds party, I  met a whole load of new people. One of ’em really caught my eye. The kinda moment that is all clichéd and whatnot. Didn’t really realize what it was then; I didn’t pursue anything, no advances, etc. Didn’t hear from her, see her, so on until two weeks later at a good buddy’s going away party, and that’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks. It was like INFATUATION! You know what I mean? She was really rather standoffish though;Anyway, scheduled a big group thing, just to gauge her feelings on me, and it’s PAINFULLY obvious she digs me too.
The catch? She’s one of my old friend’s exes. I had no idea about this up until recently! We’re not exactly close anymore. At all! I figured it would just be the proper thing to do to ask him about it, you know, a courtesy. I fully expected him to say yes, and I was dead wrong, haha!

The double catch? She found out a few weeks ago! I asked in like, august, and here we are, she told me she’s known for a while, and has had an on-again  off-again crush on me the whole time too. Of course, my first reaction was jubilance, and then I realized I still can’t date her; that’s just the way it goes. We’ve talked about this,  her saying her ex needs to grow up, yada yada yada. Well, we’ve been hanging around each other more often lately, but I dunno. I feel odd about it. In her words and intonation, she seems to me like she’s more upset that he was able to make this decision for her, then she does about the actual decision. I really feel as if anything does happen between us, the spark will dissipate almost instantaneously.  There’s also the fact that I think I may have brainwashed myself into not liking her. Uggg life is confusing! this is why I quit women =p.

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