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“I could make you want to say that every morning for now on!”

September 16, 2009

Yea. we had another game today. Against another team that we could have beaten.  Geuss what? we’re now 0-5. Great going. Every Time we play a decent team, coach says “They’re supposed to beat us! They have all the pressure! Go out and shock someone!” I’m so beyond sick of being the underdog. When can we start wining games an taking ourselves seriously? Ugg, wahtever. I hope we run HARD tomorrow.

Let’s see. school tuesdays! Um, I took a nice nap in chem today, because I forgot to write down the homework, so I decided just to chill in the back and not participate. “OH NO! YOU HAVE TO PAY ATTENTION IN CLASS! BLAH BLAH BLAH!” dont turn into my ex girlfriend here, who was all “its so cute how he misses the first ten minutes of class to be with me!” and then all of the sudden freaks out when I skip math. More on her tomorrow, with the wednesday!

I beasted on my geography quiz today, and english is really fun. I’m really considering dropping German, but I hope I dont have to take a language in college… =\

What else? Oh yea! So, before my game, I was just. waiting for it, so I hung out witha freind of mine. He was doing his homework, and I was just relaxing in the shade, it was GORGEOUS today. Long story short? I fell asleep, again, and the girls swim team from somewhere else happened to walk by, as we were right by the entrance. they actually woke me up! As they walked by, they were all “Good morning sunshine!” and much hilarity was found

The end

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