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Becasue I’m the Dad, That’s Why!

September 15, 2009

Lordie me, where to start? It was a full day for yours truly. I think I may vent for a little
We had a volleyball game out in the boonies today, against a team that is perennially so much ass.  We destroyed them the first gamer, so coach benched me to play the scrubs, and we won the second game. Then we lost the next two. Then we played the fifth. and lost. Our outside hitter is such an arrogant douche bag, and he GAVE them at least 20 points over the span of the match. Ugg what an ass.

Regardless, monday is freind monday, right? Well, it turns out two of my REALLY good girl-friends like two of my REALLY good guy-friends. Which is SO adorable, I just may explode.

A friend of mine found a button that reads “because I’m the Dad, that’s why!!!” and its kind of hilarious. Anytime something needs explaining, he points to the pin and says “’cause I’m the dad!” even in class, to the teachers. funny shit right there

Maybe I should rethink fiend mondays. I really can’t think of anything to say…

See you tomorrow!

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