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My Plans

September 14, 2009

Good evenin’, all of you non-existent readers. Let’s see. this is day two, and being grounded, as you well know, creates boredom, so there’s not really all too much to talk about. All I did today was sleep, do homework, and go to my youth group picnic. As odd or non-grounded-esque as that seems, the youth group is actually just a chance to hang out with some pretty chill people, and I HAD to go because we just got a new group of freshmen, and I’m on the administration board. Basically the rabbis (did I mention I’m a Jew?) are trying to take control over the group, but we on the board want nohtng to do with that, so we’ll see where it goes. Ok, so my plans for this blog? I’m gonna go ahead and post as often as possible, maybe even daily. I think each day should have a theme I update y’all on. I know most bloggers may treat sunday as a chance to talk about their football team, but I’m going to give the entire season in one sentence here: My Rams got their collective ass’ kicked. again. I know there ain’t no one out there just yet, but not only will there be one day, it also feels alright to get your thoughts out. See you tomorrow? So far my schedule is:every day having day to day stuff, Mondays I’ll talk about my friends, tuesday’s school, women wednesdays (alliteration is power!) thursdays are for philosophy, deep questions, and so on, fridays could be sports, and my weekends are a chance to hit you with pot pourri (which can actually hurt!)

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