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First post?

September 12, 2009

My oh my, here I am starting my own blog; exciting times, really.

Well, to whoever reads this, welcome! I’ll try not to bore you too bad!

How about a little introduction first? Keep this post nice and short.

I’m going to write this blog about being a man. I don’t mean cowboy, lumberjack, testosterone fueled super-man, I mean a real man. Something that I’m trying to figure out and achieve every day from my first breath drawn. Real men don’t fit those molds. Really this blog will shift every now and again between the whole WOO SPORTS thing (I’m a huge fan, play a few,  and so on) and get a little “Oh no! I don’t know what to do. emotions! QQ”

I live in a small suburb in upstate New York right now, but lived in East Missouri almost all my life. Because of this, I get the whole “southerner” label (Missouri ain’t even IN the south! What happened to progressive, open-minded New York?) Of course the move was tough, going from an hour and a half drive to the nearest city to having it within walking distance, people’ focuses and personalities are different, and so on, but I really actually like it up here. The people, for the most part, are friendly, and the summers are really rather mild. If  the winters weren’t such a pain,it’d be real nice up here.

I play a few sports competitively, such as Ice hockey, court volleyball, and wrestling. I play most all sports non-competitively, from starting a co-ed summer field hockey league with one of my closest friends (she actually plays) to pick-up football in the park. Tackle is always required for that last one!

I haven’t had a woman in nearly a year (last break-up was in February) not so much because I CAN’T get one, but my previous few have racked my mind with so many issues it’s just nice to take a break, you know? Come time I finally meet another who i think is actually worth all that stuff with, she actually thinks the same about me, but I can’t do anyhting about it becuase of all this red tape and restrictions and more on that later, I ain’t turning my first post into a sappy story about how” my life sucks, wah wah.”

Well, enough about me, time for my actual post. Last night was AMAZING. Homecoming football should really lose its luster at a school that averages two wins a season, but somehow they find a way to keep plugging on (not that I’m complaining! High school football is a cultural thing! Totally necessary to a community.) The stands were packed, almost bursting at the seams. We haven’t won our homecoming in something like 20 years, and last year was supposed to be it. We had an almost entirely senior line-up, facing a team we have an almost impressive winning streak against. Ended up being a total letdown. This year we went out and on our first drive, scored. The stands erupted!  The night went on from there.  Between body paint, the event security being Nazis (made me put my shirt back on! WHAT THE HELL?) and the damned seniors throwing an open water bottle on my friend’s girl (she’s from our rival school) the night was memorable as hell. That of course led to me heading out to a couple of parties that lasted a good3, 4 hours past my curfew, leading me to be grounded, and bored enough to finally start a blag! well hi!

So much for this being short, eh?

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