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Top five WHA sweaters of all time

June 2, 2010

This was an incredibly tough list to make. Although the WHA never had thirty teams to choose from, and it was only around for seven years, each team’s uniforms were such classic sweaters, every single one seemed to look incredible, far greater than anything the NHL has today. Sure, there were a few… less desirable ones
What a color combination!
but, for the most part, each jersey had a classic, timeless look to it, and a (normally) fine color scheme.

5.  Original Alberta Oilers uniform-
Look at the nameplate

For those of you familiar with the game of hockey, you may recognize the crest and the nickname of the club as today’s Edmonton Oilers. Edmonton was one of the four WHA teams (the others: “New England” (Hartford) Whalers, Winnipeg Jets, and the Quebec Nordiques) to merge to the NHL in 1979. Ironically, the Oilers were the only of these teams to never win a WHA championship, but ended up winning five Stanley Cups over the next twelve years.
The Oilers are also the last WHA team to survive. All the teams, save for these four, folded in 1979. Then Quebec moved to Denver to become the Colorado Avalanche in 1995, The Jets moving to Phoenix to become the Coyotes in 1996, and The Whalers to Raleigh, North Carolina to be the Carolina Hurricanes in ’97.
What I like about these sweaters is the use of orange and blue, which normally one would not associate with a good color combination, made to work. Also note the nameplates. Where more every team had the players last names, they Oilers kept “Alberta” there, showing that a team-first mentality was more important than any superstar status.
The Oilers later changed their crests to an orange

And the home sets didn't even have the blue

4. New York Golden Blades
sorry for the low-res
Although only around for one year, and moving to Jersey to become the Knights halfway through its only season, these are just…sharp. You can’t really tell from the image, but the colors are a rich, royal blue on a yellow. that's better

The only thing holding this one back is the sun rays surrounding the crest. Seems kind of cheesy to me.

3. New England Whalers

First off, you have to listen to Brass Bonanza while reading this section.

This is the Whaler’s theme song. Don’t deny, it’s catchy.

now then, the uniform.

Ain't it pretty?

Look at that. Green and yellow are a fine combination, and this is just so classic. The triple stripe on the sleeves makes this sweater. The away jersey’s pretty good, too.


This example is from a later year, sure, but it’s just as nice. The sweater itself is a little less flashy, and the crest is a bit more simple and classy.

2. Early Cleveland Crusaders
pretty, pretty purple

You can’t tell from the image, but the shoulder yokes on the darks are absolutely incredible.. The subdued purple on the black is a very classy look, and all the stripes are very “hockey.” Although the crest looks somewhat like a high school team’s, the sweaters are still incredibly sharp.

1. Late Houston Aeros
Look at that mesh
The mesh on the jersey looks almost like it belongs on a football uniform, but that’s how sweaters used to be. The colors are so nice on here, and the lack of a crest keeps the look original and timeless.

thank God they left it off

The stripes on the sleeves are so nice, as are the ones on the bottom.


A later version,  is made from the thicker, heavier material, and has the reinforced elbows, as you can see. The nicest things stuck around, thankfully.

Though difficult, this post was one of the most fun I’ve had the pleasure of writing. If you have any interest in the WHA uniforms, here’s a database website.

Looking forward to the top NHL uniforms!

Here’s to tomorrow.


Running…. running…. running…

August 23, 2010

Brian Sutter believed that hard work was a skill, just as passing, scoring, speed and the like. I would be honored to say that this man has influenced me greatly.

He did, as well as the rest of his family, and the Plager brothers

You see, in every sport I’ve ever played, I’ve never been good enough to be the flash-bang superstar. I wouldn’t say I’ve never been a skilled player” because hard work is a skill, but I’ve never been a superstar.
I’ve been described by most everyone on any team I’ve ever played for as the “hardest worker”
Normally I LOVE that reputation. I love being the guy that no one has to question if I ever take a play off. Being that guy that the team can count on to give my all. The only issue is when it comes to days I really don’t want to work!

For my top skill, I’ve been named captain of a good amount of the teams I’ve been on. If I lose that skill, my chances of captaincy and even a starting job could fall right from under me.
Today we had our first hard conditioning practice for volleyball, and needless to say, four hours of running and body-resistance exercises take a lot out of you. So when everyone else is tapering off and slacking a little, if I wanted to, it’d be noticed (at least in my head).
And I cant have anyone thinking my top skill is starting to slip.

Here’s to tomorrow

An Honorable Fight

August 14, 2010

Now, it may be the romantic in me, but I find there to be something honorable in combat.

yea. Romance right here

Allow me to explain:
In single combat. It is one against one’s opponent. Strategy, strength, technique, agility, grit, respect. All the elements of worth are visible in a good scrap.
There are lessons to be learned in a fight, as well: never lose focus from the task at hand, sometimes you have to outlast, not overpower, your side may not be the correct one, but you must stand by it.
You can always see who really cares about you by who is willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with you on your side when things turn bad, instead of slink away, or even who is willing to fight against you. Those of you who know what I’m talking about, know. Those of you who do not need to experience it, or you would never believe it, but you never feel closer to someone you know than after a scrap.

There is also an honor in losing. The most important thing about fighting, as mentioned above, is the willingness to go. The readiness to take a beating for what you believe in, or defending those around you.

Maybe there’s a need for more people willing to stand up for what they believe. Whether it be common consensus or not. One strong man makes up for loads of weak

Here’s to tomorrow

By What Means?

August 6, 2010

We declare our right on this earth…to be a human being, to be respected as a human being, to be given the rights of a human being in this society, on this earth, in this day, which we intend to bring into existence


Now, does any quotation conflict your morality more than that one?

Is there any reason to deny the rights of human beings as human beings?

Is saving the lives of many in your own country a good thing?
Of course. Is it worth torturing one man to save them, though?
In my opinion, it is not. Interrogation is one thing. Espionage is one thing. Torture, regardless of the result, is never acceptable.

Is gaining equal rights for your race, sex, or group a worthy cause?
You bet it is.
Is terrorism an acceptable way to reach these goals?
Never. Period.

What about taking away the rights of an entire state? Is it ok then?
Please see below

Is allowing homosexuals the right to marry a good thing?
I believe it is. Is allowing them to do so by discrediting the thoughts of the majority?
I think less. While important to have homosexuals in committed, monogamous relationships, they were given that right in a domestic partnership , which in many places is almost identical to a marriage, legally. And most religions reject homosexuality, so really there is no point in getting married for religious reasons. But the right to attach the “marriage” label is a huge step. Good for them. The only issue is that when the rights of the few (the homosexuals, Judge Walker) superceed the rights of the many (The people of California) Many argue that Proposition 8 was in violation of the 14th Amendment, which states that all citizens hold equal protection under the law. As stated earlier, a domestic partnership is nearly identical to a legal marriage, making the protection equal.

While I agree with the outcome of Vaughn Walker, esquire’s decision, I believe the fellow had no reason to take away the democratic capabilities of the state of California.

The ends tend to be good, but is all that ends well truly well?

Here’s to tomorrow

Go Ahead

August 3, 2010

Say “Nigger.” Say “Chink” or “Hymie” or “Heeb” or “Honkie,” “Cracker,” and “Fag.”
Say “Dweeb” or “Geek,” Say “Mick,” “Paddy,” “Yankee,” “Limey,” “Guid” or “Douchebag”
Draw Muhammad, build a mosque next to Ground Zero
Speak No Evil

I talked about the topic of sensitivity with a good friend of mine, and offensive language came up.

Now, I hold the belief that people should be able to do what they will. If they choose to drink and smoke themselves silly, so be it. If they choose to be the next Mother Teresa, good for them! As long as it does not force anything on someone else, it’s fine. (Mugging someone? Not cool, they don’t have a choice. Smoking in a restaurant? They can go somewhere else, if they REALLY don’t want it. Restaurants can disallow smoking to keep the non-smokers, or encourage it to attract the smokers.)

Doing what they will involves unconditional free speech. That terms even a little redundant. If there are conditions, it’s not truly “free,” now is it? Freedom makes each person more accountable. Trustworthiness and accountability accept much larger roles. “The Boy who Cried Wolf” is a tale I’m sure we’ve all heard at one point or another, and represents what importance responsibility over one’s own actions holds.

Not many people are willing to defend free speech. Some like the idea, but a lot of people think there should be a limit. They have the right to think that. I support their formation of the opinion, just not the opinion itself.
You show me the day that free speech is limited, and I’ll show you the day that it begins to fade forever
“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” That was François-Marie Arouet, better known as “Voltaire.” I think this statement is the cornerstone of our lives, whether or not you agree with it. That being said, go ahead, say anything. If you feel like hurting someone, say something hurtful. Soothing someone? Something soothing. There is no reason for anyone to tell you that you cannot say something.

In fact, I’d say holding your tongue out of fear of another’s reaction is an affront to life itself.

And Here’s to tomorrow.

Separations I

July 28, 2010

I’ve come to the realization that in this life, I am nothing.
I woefully regret to inform you that you, too, are nothing.

you'll get it later

That being said, “nothing” is one of the most important things out there. While watching at a dock, merchants are excited to see their goods come in, thus they are excited to see their ship on the horizon. If it was known to them that the ship was empty, There wouldn’t be a spare thought for it.
Just as a ship is a vessel for the merchants’ goods we too just vessels, and just as boats are classified by what they carry– cargo ships hold goods, warships carry guns–or how the propel themselves– sailboats, rowboats, or motorboats– we are really rather similar, defined by what we carry (our thoughts) and our propulsion (actions)
Just as the boat (nothing) is made important and coveted by its hold, we (also nothing) are made important by our “selves”

Here’s to tomorrow

Unexpected things

July 23, 2010

Well, I was at a party tonight, and I had a blast. While I won’t go into terrific detail, I saw this guy there for the second time, and he’s real chill.
As it turns out, we had a 15 minute conversation on independent clauses.
Yes, we’re that cool.

And a shoutout to my good friend, Andrew, over at Anyone Listening. You should get this trackback, so you’ll know I’m writing this. First of all: Finish your story. It’s been two weeks, I want to know what happens, merman or no merman!
Also. That little project you propositioned me with. Are we gonna get on that? I’d really like to. If you want a sample of my writing, look at my “Best Of” Section.

I’d like to note that my WHA Uniform post it STILL getting hits, which is astounding. It’s been over a month, and almost generates more traffic alone than the rest of my blog. Hockey fans are a funny bunch, but we’re funny together.
Here’s to tomorrow!

Hockey with Sunburn’s no Fun

July 18, 2010

Well, for those of you who don’t know, I’m in Jersey this weekend, for a couple of really cool hockey events. One is the MeiGray expo, which is a really big game-worn jersey deal. Seeing others collections (including some WHA sweaters. I really enjoyed that) and just talking hockey with a big group of people. Lots of fun.
Also fun? Playing hockey. I was in a little thing where you go as an individual, submit your position, and they separate you on teams. No tryouts, no preferential treatment, just all around good time.
Now, as I said: I was in Jersey. Jersey gets a bad wrap, but it IS indeed full of those giant, stereotypical meatheads. Those of you who know me know that I’m a fairly powerful guy, but I really don’t show it. I’m skinny as a rail, it seems that I would be weak. The disappointment the team I was put on got when they saw me, and I told them I wasnt a puck-moving type guy was terrible. My first shift out, however, I shut down the other team’s top line handily. Made a nice little name for myself.
I blocked a bunch of shots and protected my end nicely. I didn’t want any power-play time, but I went in on the PK. We ended up getting knocked out eventually. The issue with random teams is there always seems to be one stacked one. And they handled everyone.
Not so much fun? Having a sunburn before you play, or having one period. This was a BAD one (blame the Irish blood) and it hurt to even wear my shirt. The only way I survived was simple: hour before gearing up, I took two ibuprofen (400 mg total). Then I rubbed some hotel lotion on it (and that felt REAL nice). Right before gearing up, I showered myself in Solarcaine and took two more ibuprofen (making it a total of 800 mg). I didn’t feel lit at all for the first period, and it wasnt too bad after that. Before every game, it was another Solarcaine shower and one ibuprofen.
Overall, it was a raucously fun
Here’s to tomorrow